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Meet Our Teachers....

May 25, 2015 Memorial Day Recital
honoring this years Gold Cup Recipients
Elin Havrilla, Lilian Riley, Nackie Steinbach, Ann Cooper

Junior Original concert May 30, 2015
Ann Cooper, Nackie Steinbach, Elin Havrilla, Lilian Riley


November 10, 2013
 Downtown Retail Merchants Holiday Open House
This is the 22nd year our school has participated
Elin, Ann, Nackie, Lilian 

DRMI 2011 205

November 13, 2011
 Downtown Retail Merchants Holiday Open House
This is the 20th year our school has participated 
Ann, Nackie, Lilian, Elin

Nackie  Nackie Face
(Director)   nackie@ymsfred.com                              Elin 

          Ann                                               Lilian                               
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    ann@ymsfred.com                                             ymsfred@earthlink.net